We cherish our independence. We are an efficient asset management boutique and this is the only business that we undertake. We are owned by management and private companies. Thus we are effectively independent of all interests other than those of creating long-term, solid returns for our investors.

  • We have no affiliate brokers.
  • We are a flexible organization operating with short communication channels. This enables us to make quick adjustments and think ‘outside the box’ about best practice client solutions.
  • We are not subject to the politics or systems bottlenecks of large multifunctional organizations.
  • Our size enables management to react quickly and efficiently to adverse conditions, keeping our strategy focus intact.
  • Focused construction and project management.
  • High personal commitment.
  • Organization-wide belief in our strategies based on academic evidence and prudence.
  • Ability to adjust our processes and operations to our strategies – not the other way around.
  • Our clients do not disappear in the crowd.