Knowing that all our strategies are evidence-based enables us to manage with conviction. We buy and hold, buy more on the dips and apply a strong sell discipline when prices rise. We rebalance as necessary. This helps us to minimize costs, maintain focus and deliver good long-term outcomes.

  • We have clearly-defined core strategies in which we specialize and which we adapt to provide innovative and effective investment solutions for clients.
  • We focus on the declared long-term strategy, which we follow – whatever markets are doing  knowing that our clients depend on us to be focused and consistent. No emotional decisions means no ‘window-dressing’ required.
  • We believe in value investing so strongly that we apply this discipline across all asset classes.
  • Company-wide conviction in our chosen strategies helps our investment teams to maintain focus.
  • Our long-term approach enables us to exercise active ownership.
  • We offer flexible, transparent investment solutions that suit the individual client.

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